Dear Boris,

I just read your article about the lack of iron in the blood, and as I went to a physical examination once again we found the lack (for the last 5 years I have a problem with it), and every now I take heferol. Also they found cysts and fibroadenoma of the left breast and uterine cancer on the left side. As I went to look for old diagnosis, I found the 2008th mail you sent me on the state of my organism, to which I completely forgot. Basically, when I read it again, I saw that you wrote that I had problems with the left side of the body, including the ovaries, and breast and lung, etc.
You have indicated that it has mainly to do with traumatic relation with my mother during my stay in her womb ....
Basically, I'm now wondering how I can fix it. How you can help? Do you hold any therapy or counseling? What is the price?

Thank you very much!
Kind regards,
(Name omitted)


This e-mail was received  23rd oct:10. It is four years after this client received a written report on her health conditions analysis. I am listing it here in order to illustrate the possible results of disbelief in bio-sensorial health analyzes results. This disbelief is result inexistence of symptoms and medical diagnosis that could clearly verify existence of organic dysfunction. Although client in the report on the analysis gets a detailed insight into the vital force of the body, the functionality of some organs and tissues and the accompanying commentary explanation of symptoms genesis it often happens that the decision to undertake self-healing is postponed. In the meantime each body dysfunction regularly aggravates.
Timely response to the received analysis and application of the self-healing procedures of mental memory revision and physical memory cleaning are important for to avoid undesirable consequences of chronic disability or invasive medical treatment. Applying Cyprýn self-healing method enables tissue or organ auto-regeneration and prevention of further deterioration and development of more severe disease. Therefore, even if we do not hear you seeking our therapeutic instructions conserve the analysis report to verify the accuracy of her allegations through the results of medical exams or possible future symptoms.

Boris Cyprýn

Hey Boris,

So the process was great, I really felt it and I'm very curious
in terms of result control! Overall, I wanted to tell you how powerful the system is, but the approach and readiness are essential.
I personally had a very deep impression of treatment with intense sensations
mainly the lungs (left lung and even stronger) and liver.
Physical sensations are admittedly only part of the story, however, personal opening impinge much deeper! Terrific! :)

(Name omitted)
Dear Mr..Boris!
Spending and stick to your directions. After cleaning cellular memory, I had one week following reactions:
-I only slept
-the need to be alone with me
-reduced need for food
-after 5 days of therapy, I cried mightily, even weep.
All in all there was no sensation which would be scared.
Other therapeutic procedures are performed properly and I have yet to do. Regarding milk, I do not eat it a long time ago, but otherwise look after feeding. I don’t take any medication.
I eat mostly what I produce on my little garden, since I live in the northern zone.
Today is ten days since I started therapy.
Now I feel somewhat more confident, especially noticing that my spine is much better, knees more flexible than normal, practicing yoga in now in fact much easier to perform certain asanas.
Your therapy recommended by my colleague (name deleted)
Thanks for the instructions, I am waiting for your answer.
(Name omitted)
Dear Boris,

I do not know what a therapy is that I did yesterday, but today I feel great!
As if I see something cleared up in the mind ....
Basically the feeling is great!

Thanks for the help! these two last months have been indescribable. so much knowledge, so much joy, so much of everything that I simply have no words ......

(Name omitted)

Here to share with you the good news - I'm officially in remission. CA 125 has fallen to 7, and the ultrasound showed nothing. Laboratory findings are also more or less in line (all within limits). I much appreciate your contribution in this direction.
As for sugar, I was on that control. The doctor said that there remained about 58% of the resources for its own production of insulin, but the utilization is of only 25%. So that puts me on the two kinds of pills and I'm not on insulin.
I still suffer from those same accompanying symptoms of chemotherapy, from neuropathy, pain in the back and in the left kidney, a general feeling of fatigue, and the like, but they are slowly decreasing in intensity.
Currently, I am primarily concerned with trying to solve existence in the material sense, I am trying to achieve in the long run, because my currently receiving benefits is not enough. I hope for a positive decision by the summer. Also, I'm still at very turbulent period in the family but it is also calming.
Lots of greetings and every good wish,
(Name omitted)

Dear Sir Cypryn!
Reporting by appointment, refreshed body and mind (although I couple
occasions has been a great test). Since our last
telephone conversation two weeks have passed, full of events and
new insights on the issue of health. Took place almost daily
huge and less turbulent sensations in the body (pain, piercing the
chest, head, kidneys, right ovary, hands, liver, stomach).
Because of the high pressure had spent a drug Zestril 5mg (Dr.
a month ago raised it to 10mg).
From when I apply your method I consider that my trust in
process as sufficient guarantee for to be substitute to all synthetic drugs.
Overall I feel a lot better, the body feeling easier, durable.
I am aware that these sensations in the body part of the process
of self-healing. I am deeply grateful to them.
Digestion is a lot better (I lost 2-3kg).
Feeling thirsty in the mouth (which is ever-present past
few years) has also dropped, although I drink less fluid.
The application for cleaning food before eating is a miracle and
represents a milestone in relation to food a diet in my
I feel a positive change in the relationships with loved ones, which is interpreted
most notably to my personal changes.
Every day I get a verification of efficiency and power of your method.
I know that this process is "wind at the back," and that requires constant
alertness with a profound respect and gratitude.
I am extremely grateful for all the changes that you through your
Method have entered into my life and changed it for the better.
I welcome all future experiences (and even prick).
I am eagerly expecting your response and any subsequent consultation
in order to further my healing and progress.
I wish you the joy and love to fulfill all aspects of existence.
With gratitude,
(Name omitted)

Hello Boris,

I send notice of the changes that have occurred since the first application and after that of supplemental instructions. You wrote me to report after a week. I must admit that I feel a lot more energy than before, I went for a weekend hike (before I go very often, and the last six months every time I went I could not get enough air), mostly now I was really easy to climb, nothing was not difficult to me. I was able to breathe easy and relaxed and I felt a rush of energy. Relationship with people has become more relaxed, a lot of laughing and friends have commented that they feel as if I removed a gray veil from the face. I feel happier and merrier. And relaxed. Gone are some of the fear and panic that I had. All in all so far, all good.

Kind regards
(Name omitted)

Dear. Mr. Cypryn
Yesterday it was great! Communication with people was woow .. I have not talked so normal for a long time before. Beautiful!
There are still things...
Usually there is fighting in the morning, but it is too good ..
I still do work on myself.  Thanks again ..
I'll get back to you again

(Name omitted)

Dear Boris,

Here you get a little back to you.

I feel great. Exercise almost daily. I realized it seriously and try. I'm a little strengthened and playing golf easier.
I try every day to cook and do not eat in restaurants .... So I feel a lot better ....

I realized what kind of work I need to deal with to give a purpose to my life, but do not yet know how I can accomplish it.
Currently on the old job I relive an experience that I cannot understand why I need it, but I believe that time will show why. And every day when experiencing something bad or negative on my job, I tell myself to be stronger and it encourage me to enter into a new job.
It is more difficult to drive on two-track and I do not know yet how I can harmonize the situation.

In myself I feel that I am advancing though I am not doing anything special. This I notice in relation to the ambient, mostly the people ....
Now I am cautious when dealing with people. Otherwise misunderstanding arises on their side. 
So it is easier to me.... 
Now, everything I see different .... I do not know to describe it ...))))))

Sincerely ....

(Name omitted)