The solution is in you

Should be understood the sensation of embarrassment, rejection, a state of depression that often accompany people suffering from psoriasis. These psychical sufferings linked with psoriasis are particularly accentuated in the age between 11 and 45. At that age the person is particularly sensitive to proper appearance and thus the look of skin. The summertime emphasizes the psychological burden of the problem. 
What does the redness of the skin, thickening, flaking skin on elbows, knees, scalp and other parts of the body indicates? The answer is simple. The regular filtration of blood and evacuation of wastes is disabled mainly because of insufficient function of one of kidneys. The body tends to eject the blood wastes through the skin.
It has been scientifically established that normally it is needed 21-28 days for skin cells to be replaced. In patients with psoriasis the process is shortened to 2-6 days. That means that the skin in this condition is rapidly polluted and dies.  This accelerated process of replacing dead cells with new ones is typical for each strong inflammation in the body. Inflamed cell expands in its volume and do not expel the metabolic waste out of its own structure. Cell membrane is so tense that products of cell ‘digestion’ can’t be expelled from the cell.  In the case of psoriasis this process takes place in epidermis and in connective tissue beneath it. Therefore psoriatic skin cells are rapidly dying. Dermatologist cannot provide more than “keeping under control'' and mitigate the effects of disease.


Therapeutic experience tells that the direct physiological cause of psoriasis is stoppage of intercellular lymph flow of skin and subcutaneous tissue. But psoriasis is usually preceded and conditioned by: rigidity of lung membranes, weakness of lungs, bronchi, kidney, all mainly unobserved by physicians.  Sometimes problems with liver, adrenal gland and deviation of urethra are involved. Environmental factors and dietary habits have to be examined.  Compound conditionality of psoriasis phenomena requires an individualized therapy approach, and contemporaneous regeneration of all weakened organs and tissues.  Each person should be instructed how to execute independently this self-healing work. That is the only way of complete health restoration.


Therefore it is worth to find alternative solution. I suggest self-healing. Such concept of restoring health has to provide client with:
- insight into the vitality and function of body organs and tissues,
- knowledge about body memory causes of complex genesis of psoriasis; It is important to underline
  that in each person appearance of psoriasis is differently conditioned.
- knowledge about physiological conditions that caused psoriasis,
- effective and easy applicable therapeutic instruction of self-healing and regeneration of organs with weakened function
  causing psoriasis,
- Instructions on changing habits, food choices and nutrition that will support a renewed metabolism
  in the intercellular space and the healthy condition of the whole organism.