Lack of iron in the blood

Solve it in a natural way.

Loss of iron in the blood is a consequence of increased acidity (an inflammatory condition or yin) of blood. It is simple to improve this situation. If it is your problem too you will surely find some of tips specified to apply them. I am offering you following tips of proven efficacy:

• Avoid four of five so called ‘white poisons’: cow milk, white sugar, white flour, outburst rice.
• Do not drink fluids (water, juice, etc.) with a meal. Do not take drinks two hours after meal. That is the approximate time necessary for the stomach digestion to be completed. Otherwise, the saliva gets flushed from food in stomach. In such situation, searching for missing saliva, stomach is provoked to exude more gastric acid. There is no equilibrium of saliva as alkaline component with gastric acid.  In such a situation increases the acidity in stomach as in blood.
• In a bar always ask for drink without ice. Ice produced in a plastic cooler environment acquires the viral vibration memory. Viral type vibration is generated in plastic coat of cooler under low temperature. The same happens with the water in plastic containers. Dry taste of water is the sign that water was exposed to viral vibration influence from plastic container or cooler construction material. So the ice made in plastic environment acquires viral memory. This memory is of highly expansion and inflammatory nature, and  greatly increases the acidity of the blood.
• Chew food well and it's every bit so that enough of saliva should be brought with food into your stomach. If you drink wine with food, take it in small sips, holding it for a moment in the mouth so that the wine is mixed with saliva and then swallow it.
• Avoid all food products containing the sweetener instead of sugar. Avoid fruits and industrial food, grown or produced and imported from the opposite side of the equator.
• Avoid to drink water from plastic containers commonly found in public places and business facilities. This water is chemically acting in contact with insufficiently inert plastic container, acquiring high inflammatory energy from plastic material. 
•Avoid vegetables grown in plastic greenhouse. The negative effect on the blood is equal to that of water from the refrigerator and plastic container.
• Light rays of fluorescent or energy saving lamps are of highly reduced solar spectrum. That makes this types of light agressive in contact with environment. Water and food in packages in stores, exposed to such type of light, looses its integrity and vitality so as nutritive value for consumer. Such light increases inflamatory condition of persons working in such ambient, particularly provoking acidity of blood.  Select food packages from dark of shelf, where food is not exposed to such light in the sales area.
•Do not consume the meat and other products from the freezer made or painted with plastic material. The walls lined with plastic paint or built out of plastic induces inflammatory radiation. That viral type of energy being memorized into the food provokes inflamation in consumer's body.
•Do not consume food prepared yesterday and reheated. Don't consume boiled food that was stored in the refrigerator for more than three hours, or five hours if the fried food is in question. The food, although seemingly healthy, speedily compensates its natural time of decay paused during storage in the fridge . This process of accelerated decomposition continues in body digestive system. Such food creates strong acid character (yin) and causes inflammation in the body and thus the loss of iron in the blood.
• Avoid cow's milk and all products made from cow milk. Cow milk contain memory of rapid growth naturally projected for the calf. This memory of cow milk, in the human body, where projected size is smaller, causes expansion of the tissue - inflammation and consequently lack of iron in the blood. Particularly vulnerable on the input of cow milk are the female genital organs and breast. Adipose tissue, organs and their sheath, accumulates, by the body unrecognized type of food and that for indigestible substances causing the occurrence of cysts and other forms of chronic inflammatory conditions.
• Avoid soy or rice milk. These derivatives contain (as well as other incomplete and refined product in the diet) memory of complete or integral natural raw materials from which they are separated. Though separated from their natural integrity form, derivates always maintain the memory of natural shape and composition. They are trying to reacquire their original raw material integrity. Their lack of integrity makes them to be aggressive into organism that consumes such products. They are debilitating blood.
• Blood infections caused by food or some other acute or chronic inflammatory process, for example in liver, can affect the loss of iron in the blood.
• Use of home or car air conditioner affects lung inflammation worsening the quality of blood.
• Poor mobility and the long stay indoors, especially during the winter is diminishing lungs activity and consequently cause blood acidity.
• Very often lungs are not capable to achieve a full breath or are not using entire capacity of air intake. This issue is considered crucial. If the air stays without movement it will get inflammation. That inflammation will be spread on the lung structure. The blood in the vein will acquire this acidity. If all other tips have been applied and the result is not satisfying, this one is the last and than most important problem to be resolved. So put your body in movement. Allow your lungs to have fresh air.
• The breath is first and most important life functions. The lungs, as every other organ, have the ability to memorize all kind of stress conditions from the moment or conception up to the present moment. Various forms of stress memorized and in past time accumulated, declines lung respiration ability. Rigid lung sheaths, bronchial pollution and insufficient lung capacity, acute or chronic inflammation or infections have a big influence on the blood acidity. The problem can be resolved by application of individualized on-line body memory cleaning instruction.
The tips noted above, will serve you to prevent and maintain optimal condition of your blood and entire body.

Analysis and when it is necessary?

Finally, it would be good to analyze the condition of your lungs and lung sheaths so as   bone integrity. In this case it is necessary to remove (clean) all kind of body memories causing the state of weakness.
Analysis can be requested by e-mail. E-mailed photo reflects health conditions of a person, all organs, body tissues and fluids equally as all memory contents opposed to body inborn Will to maintain healthy.
Health and joy to you!

Physical nature of iron and why above measures are necessary?

Lack of iron in the blood is a consequence of changes in the molecular structure of iron compounds that the body takes with food. The atomic structure of iron (Fe) contained in the blood, is unstable in its electron cloud. The effects of expansion or inflammation (yin state) in the body are that iron atoms lose electrons from its extern sheath.  Such form of iron can't be detected in the laboratory analysis of blood and so it results insufficient.
Taking pharmaceutical preparations that are enriched with iron compounds will not solve your problem. The stable maintenance of iron in the blood requires adoption of above described conditions.  If one does not change the habits, the treatment will have no end. If you follow the above instructions, you will allow your body and its metabolic system to self renews. The body will continuously keep the iron content on optimal level. The discipline of food products selection and appropriate storage, the diet based on whole (integral) raw materials such as organically grown grains, beans and organically grown vegetables is unavoidable. New habits will soon show positive results of laboratory blood test.