Body memory is the first cause of all diseases and disorders.

Numerous articles have been published about the symptoms of stress and how to be freed of stress. This one intends to give new sight and therapy fundaments. The facts here presented are result of 26 years of independent research and finally successful Cyprýn Method therapy practice.
Stress is inevitable in today’s uncertain and accelerated world of conflict. Stress we can define as the instinctive response of the mind, or as body reflex response to unexpected experience that one perceive as a threat to personal integrity or difficulty to achieve intended goal.
Stress, we cannot control in the moment we experience it. There are the events we are not able to predict neither to be prepared for an appropriate answer. And most importantly, we are not prepared for to interpret stress events and accept them emotionless.
There would be no reason to discuss the stress if it should provoke effect only in the moment when it is generated Often we are trying to forget the unpleasant experience, pretending that we resolved it by the lapse of time. Such perception is wrong. And that is why I am writing to you about my cognitions about stress.

Prolonged effect of stress
The above definition of stress needs the exposure of arguments to complete its original meaning:
◦ Every experience opposite to the principle of unconditional love, integrity of the person and unity with the environment, remains memorized in the body or mind. 
◦ Stress memories can be caused by personal will or factors beyond the control of the person.
◦ Stressful experience remains permanently memorized in the body (brain matter included).
◦ Memories of stress are stored in chronological order as they have been provoked by the past experience.
◦ Stress memory sediments becomes a barrier to normal body and mind functioning. 
◦ After a shorter or longer periods memories acquired by stress are causing inflammation, insufficient metabolism presented by the occurrence of various diseases.
◦ Over time deepens the sensitivity, increases dysfunction and disease progresses from acute through chronic to degenerative state..
◦ Life experience is a composition of physical and mind memories that makes each person different.
◦ Therefore, even though different persons have the same diagnosis of the disease, the genesis of the same disease in each person has different memory fundaments. That for medicine drugs and technical standards prescribed for a disease are not able to restore health. These are the words of the physicians themselves.
◦ The reason for this lies in the fact that drugs do not eliminate the impact of memories accumulated in the body.
◦ The memory of stress is the first cause of disorders and diseases.

Kinds of stress memories opposite to body, mind and spirit integrity
Types of acquired stress memories can be divided into several groups:
- hereditary memories influencing vitality condition by the side of each one of parents,
- memories acquired  from physical and emotional influences during the development of the fetus in the mother’s womb,
- memories acquired under the influence of parental behavior in the period after birth,
- memories acquired by the own free will action, thinking and behavior,
- pathogen memory originating from physical environment and food,
- memory originated by social ambient,
- other specific forms of memory that are evidenced before or during self –healing process,
How to eliminate stress memories effect on the body, mind and spirit?
Psychologists know the effects of stress on the psyche. But here exposed interpretation and approach to stress you will not find on the pages of psychology, although the term stress originates from the area.  The medicine science only considers the possibility of somatic disorders and diseases. Psychology and medicine sciences dealing with phenomena are not able to discern the causes of the problems they are dealing with. They have no experience of body memory. They cannot yet accept this phenomenon and fact of body memory or the ability of therapeutic action in this regard.
Majority of scientists merely assumed that body is capable to memorize stress without mediation of speculative mind and men’s brain. They are trapped by their attempt to interpret the client's psychological problems and attempts to rid the patient of effects of stress rather than to provide client a tool to act by its own and to enjoy with him the results achieved.
It is not only possible but it is absolutely necessary to accept the experience of body memory and adopt method able to effectively prevent interference and illness, enable rapid self-healing memory cleaning of incomparable efficiency. Holistic principles adopted by Cypryn Method are ensuring a better quality of life and longevity. Its operability and therapist-client communication that entirely takes place on-line enables immediate applicability without usual expenses.
How to distinguish and to relieve body memory you'll find out if you type in your search engine a phrase: Cyprýn Method.

Boris Cyprýn
Self-healing adviser and therapist