Invisible causes and possible consequences

Mucus and fluid from the nostrils, snuffling, sneezing, itching and tearing are the most common unpleasant effects of cold. Attention of person who suffers from colds, is limited to spending loads of handkerchief supplicating the state of cold finally stops.
Behind the common cold it are often hidden serious damage of the immune system or some chronic inflammatory condition what could have serious consequences in the future.

So read this article that gives answers on following questions:
- What provokes the cold?
- What are the causes of body sensitivity?
- How to troubleshoot the causes and prevent colds?

The tips here do not offer answers that end with recommendation to stop or prevent colds with remedy, although one cannot deny their effect and popularity. But medical remedies do not resolve causes of the cold. They just more or less successfully remove the symptoms, while the causes are still in your body smoldering unnoticed in anticipation of new opportunities to reappear.
The prevailing opinion is that the occasional occurrence of cold has nothing to do with our physical health. However, holistic therapeutic practice and sensorial analysis that are based on knowledge about memories stored in human body is offering radical and durable solution that lead to successful prevention, self-healing and health preservation. So let's move forward to answer questions.

What provokes the cold?

• The cold can be caused by ambient moisture, which in contact with body moisture produces an inflammatory condition. If the body is exposed to moisture, moist environment, it creates a double moisture effect that causes inflammation of tissues that are exposed to this condition: the chest structure, the lung lining lungs and bronchi. The inflammation, with its expansion energetic effect of mentioned structures, provokes opposite effect - the contraction of the nasal mucosa glands and so the cold starts.
• Drinks composed of two fluids of different origins mixed together, create inflammatory conditions in the stomach. This expansive or inflammatory energy penetrates diaphragm affecting the lower left lung lobe. So it can also result in contraction and irritation of the nasal mucosa.
• Excessive intake of sugar and easily digestible foods that do not require chewing; consuming drinks during and immediately after meals, leads to reduced presence of saliva in the stomach and thus cause excessive gastric acid secretion. Increased acidity in the stomach provokes inflammatory condition which makes the blood acidic, weakening the body's immunity and makes it vulnerable to colds.
• Tendency to get cold is more pronounced in people who have the habit to eat re-warmed food from the refrigerator. Food has its natural course of disintegration, which is hidden during its stay in refrigerator. Once extracted from refrigerator the food rapidly compensate all time of naturally projected decay that has been delayed during stay in the fridge. That process results with the acidity in stomach, blood and all over the body, induce cold as concomitant symptom.
• Hepatic inflammation complicates the situation and makes the cold long lasting.

What are the body sensitivity causes?

This issue is considered crucial. The body so as every organ has the ability to memorize all kind of stress conditions lastingly, from the moment or conception up to the present moment. The breath is first and foremost element of the human being life. When lungs accumulate stress memories, their respiration ability declines.
Here are some of such acquired memories that can obstruct inborn function of lungs:
• Mother's physical health during pregnancy reflects on fetus and newborn, determining so body future vulnerability on its physical and social ambient challenges,
• Mother's mental condition, influenced by social ambient and circumstances during the pregnancy,
• Traumatic relation between parents of child.
From the moment of birth, body continues to accumulate memories marked by various forms of stress, which primarily reflects on quality of breath and consequently on respiratory system health:
• The fear caused by situations in the family and community,
• Possible lack of love, care, support and protection or abandonment by parents,
• Unsuitable environment conditions,
• Personal habits,
• An adverse social surrounding,
• Disappointments, and other.
Lungs, bronchi and lung membranes react adversely to the inconvenient and adverse situations. The body cumulatively memorizes and do not forget them. This creates a vulnerability that is manifested by frequent colds and various other difficulties in breathing. Not resolved, this situation becomes chronic, frequently involving other organs such as thyroid, neck arteries, breast etc.
Does the cold can cause some damage of immune system or some chronic condition that in the future could have serious consequences?
In every concrete case, answer to this question can be obtained quickly on the base of bio-sensorial analysis. The analysis verifies the state of vitality and type of memory load of lung, bronchus, lung lining, chest lining, chest structure, the impact of energy coming from the stomach and liver. Distant bio-sensorial food analysis is additional tool to ensure holistic cumulative effect of self-healing applied. Dietary habits, and sometimes the impact of physical environment (house and work) has to be discussed. It is also necessary to examine the vitality of bones, especially those of head, shoulders and blades; the cartilage, the lining of the sinuses, the corresponding vegetative nervous and other systems that influences the intercellular lymph fluidity.
Repeated occurrence of colds proves that causes of cold have not been eliminated. The body can't heal itself without your personal participation in this process. It is necessary the person who suffers from cold to know the causes in the body remembered as to be able to start the process of self healing. Otherwise the body will surely continue to weaken. 
Of course, such a comprehensive overview that offers bio-sensorial analysis report, you cannot expect from your physician. The medicine is far from ability to elaborate such a detailed and individualized diagnosis. Knowing all these details is crucial for to start the process of healing and prevention of serious health disorders in the future. Knowledge and examples about mnemonic and mental properties of matter, experientially validated are slowly penetrating into ambient of science. But this knowledge has not seeped into the domain of medical practice. 

 How to remove the causes, restore health and prevent the decline of the respiratory organs vitality?

The autonomous holistic natural approach to health by Cyprýn Method online therapeutic counseling gives a person the ability to remove the first causes of disease, by self-cleaning of body cell memories. The basis of self-healing lies in the understanding of acquired memories as causes of each disease. The start point of efficient self healing is the fact that in every person the same named illness has different memory content. Remember: Health is in you, always waits to be discovered.

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