The insight to psyche of human body

Get to know how the body feels and memorizes to reacquire health and vitality.

Each body organ remembers! For the difference to human mind, mnemonic ability of human body is precise and lasting to the end of life. Body's sensitivity has been built on absolutely genuine criteria. The body distinguishes clearly the experience of unconditional Love from all other surrogates of love. Speculative mind often decides to accept surrogates for to fulfil desires, pleasure or provide satisfaction to own body or mind. Widely spread conventional opinion among physicians and psychologists is that the body is subjected to mental states of our mind. It is certainly true. The fact is that various forms of stress can have serious consequences for the health and even for man’s life. The body is exposed to reasoning of a human free will and to various factors of social ambient so as of physical environment. Each partial interest including oppression of other individuals or other entities of nature is opposite to principle of Unity and so harms body and mind integrity of the person which executes such partial will. Too often we cultivate the illusion about our abilities and conditions in which our will and desires gets fulfilled or not. So we are often in conflict with reality. Our illusions, unfounded ideas, unrealistic perception of our social position, are creating unfavourable frame for body functioning and health maintenance. Emotive involvement is the key stress factor. Such conflicts cannot be avoided. We aren't so wise to anticipate all possible stress situations going to occur in future. We are not wise enough neither to renounce of expectations and wishes which later we found have been unreal. We are alive and acting to make experiences.
But it is not all! It is necessary to take in consideration our individual past. Before our mind becomes capable to create the illusions or express its own will, it passes the period of passive submission to circumstances in mother’s womb and during years of infancy. If those experiences do not support the human natural Body and Mind Project they provoke decline of physic condition, deviates behaviour and obstruct mental health.
All type of thoughts and acts opposite to Human Project produces memories which get conserved in body organ and tissue cells.  Up-to-date speculative therapeutic knowledge and practice is not sufficient to resolve the wide complex of stress memories of psyche and body of his client. Experience teaches us that the acquired memories are the real causes of almost all diseases.  Psychologists have no abilities to analyse stress experiences which are not accessible to client consciousness, though they are much more near to touch the source of problem than physicians are. On this point the so called spiritual dimension of person gets the main role. Inborn human dimension is synchronized to criteria of unconditioned love, respect of proper body and unity with others and whole nature. On this principles is based the human health and happiness. Forcing body to realise groundless and illusory ideas of his owner's speculative mind, limiting its ability to communicate freely and harmoniously with its environment is diminishing its vitality. The human free will often is not a good companion to its own body. Our beliefs and desires are constantly influencing the function of our body. Under such constant pressure, once strongly disappointed, our body can be exposed to heart attack or to stroke. The long term submission to stress conditions can provoke numerous types of chronic diseases. This happens due to the ignoring the existence of the first mnemonic causes of disorders and diseases. The fact is that every sick body remembers lasting stress causes of disease but also remembers its original healthy state. Vast majority of therapists cannot access to mnemonic quality of organic matter. They are not taught how to feel body or mind vibration, nature of the body messages and how to distinguish the memory contents that burden vitality and functionality of body organs and tissues. Self healing body property is inborn. It can be activated only in case we are able to recognize its mnemonic  structure and clean or purify its emotional content. Health depends of respect we demonstrate to inborn Will of our body and mind. This perfect Will each of us has to discover separately and independently encouraged by analytic ability and knowledge of therapist- companion. The task of therapist is to introduce client into self discovery process and to instruct him how to purify accumulated acquired memories that are obstructing the inborn harmony between his mind and body, between his entity and social surroundings and to the environment. Understanding the type of pollution memorized in the body opens the space for our communication to original body Will. This therapeutic dialogue brings back the personal consciousness from the state of alienation (duality) into the state of Unity. 
Boris Cyprýn
Holistic Counsellor and therapeutic companion
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