Back pain - kidney speech

Here you have opportunity to meet some therapeutic experience and practical tips related to the problem titled above. What is even more important, after reading this article you will be able to recognize the speech of your kidneys. So you will potentially become able to help yourself.  You will become able to help others to recognize signs that indicate the need for active care, to improve health status of the kidneys and eliminate disturbance.

About symptoms

First to name symptoms that may indicate a poor state of the kidneys.  Most of these indications are out of range of classic medical diagnosis:
- Pain in the band part of back,
- Frequent urination during the day,
- Urinating at night,
- Dark lines under the bottom of the lower eyelid,
- Increased blood pressure,
- Abdominal  bloating,
- Swelling of the ankles,
- Psoriatic appearance of redness and flaking skin.
The fact is that physician rarely links these symptoms and back pain with unhealthy state of kidney. It is also truth that the medical interventions cannot resolve back pain and rarely can ease other symptoms. The medication is inefficient. Medicine help is limited to dialysis and finally to removal of kidney.

Energy metabolism

There is so called phenomenon of body energy field metabolism that can explain connection of back pain and insufficient function of kidney. Energy metabolism has nothing to do with physiologic metabolism. Vital energy flow does not respect physical boundaries between organs and tissues or known to us metabolic pathways. For it the body is completely transparent. Insufficient function of kidney, particularly if its volume is reduced, is of lower vitality in comparison to surrounding organs and tissues. There exists constant pronounced need of energy that ill kidney manifests. This energy is regularly taken from surrounding organs and tissues. So as the time passes lumbar muscular, lumbar vertebrae and their discs so as ligaments are losing their vital energy causing pressure and back pain.

About causes, their dissolution and health restoration 

 A few words about causes of weakness of the kidneys would be useful. Only analysis practice that recognizes body memory types oppressing the organ vitality and its functionality is capable to effectuate process of the first cause removal. Such therapeutic action initiates kidney regeneration and return to their original healthy state. Here are some physiological causes:
• Long lasting inflammation and weakness of right or left lung lobe coating or alveolar structure causes
   kidney inflammation usually on the same side of the body.
• Viral infections and prolonged weakness of the liver regularly leads to weakness of the right kidney.
  The ill liver takes away energy from the nearest organ – right kidney in attempt to heal and sustain
  itself in normal mode.
• Excessive alcohol consumption, consumption of dark-coloured drinks and carbonated beverages
   leads to an excessive burden to kidneys. The immediate consequence of such drinks can be back
   pain the next morning.
• Emphasized consumption of cow's milk and dairy products creates acidity or inflammation in the
   blood. The kidneys forced to filter acid blood are also exposed to inflammatory conditions.                                                                                       • Habit of increased consumption of water and other fluids, surpassing the physiological need
   indicated by sense of thirst is wrong. Too much fluid in the body burdens the kidneys and reduces
   their ability to blood filtration.
• Desalinised and water filtered by filters made of technical materials of reduced integrity, take vital
   force and weaken the body of the person who consumes it. Such kind of water should be
   reintegrated in touch with the natural environment elements. This issue is particularly important for
   the health of people living in desert areas.
• Saving and storing water in containers made of non natural and no integral materials provokes loss
   of vitality of water and taking inflammatory properties.

Natural and holistic alternative approach offers the possibility of healing the kidneys and other organs of which their health depends. The dialysis can be avoided. The first and most effective way is to detect and eliminate the influence of acquired body and cell memories* of kidneys and of other organs involved. Acquired memories are the first cause of their weakness. The kidney or other organ damage is not irreparable. The structure and functionality of the kidney can be completely regenerated by application of body and cell memory cleaning.

Boris Cyprýn
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