Psoriasis - Insight and Solution

Holistic alternative therapy experience facts:


◦  Psoriasis is 100% result of kidney insufficiency. The regular filtration of blood in kidneys and evacuation of
   wastes by urine are disabled mainly because of insufficient function of one of kidneys.

Medical research are confirming my experience you can see on    
and on  brings following conclusion of one clinic research:
-  Contrary to the belief that renal involvement in psoriasis is coincidental, we propose that kidney disease may be a common accompaniment of psoriasis, which may be labelled as “psoriatic nephropathy” or “psoriatic kidney disease.” The exact mechanism of this entity is yet to be elucidated. -

◦  The kidney insufficiency is caused by acid and polluted vein blood. Almost 75 % of blood pollution is produced by inflamed lung structure, lung lining, inner lining of the chest and of space between these two linings. The waste of inflammation brought by acid blood is intoxicating kidneys. So, the silent pathology from the lungs moves to the kidney causing blood filtering dysfunction.

◦  Cow milk, dairy product, sugar and coffee consumption worsen psoriasis pathology.  These products are causing pronounced acidity and inflammation of blood, consequently are intoxicating kidney. Meat and industrial meat products so as refined industrial food with chemical additives are worsening quality of blood and psoriasis symptoms. These are secondary factors of psoriasis with about 20% of share in pathology.

◦  When kidney function is insufficient the body eject the wastes accumulated in the blood through the skin. The skin gets inflamed. It has been scientifically established that normally it is needed 21-28 days for skin cells to be replaced. In patients with psoriasis the process is shortened to 2-6 days.

◦  Accelerated process of replacing dead cells with new ones is typical for each strong inflammation in the body. Inflamed cell expands in its volume. Its inner structure expands so that the cell membrane holes becomes closed disabling the cell metabolic waste to be expelled into intercellular lymph. So the cell dies quickly.

The most common body history background of psoriasis
The main initial trauma occurs in childhood.  The behavior that child is experiencing by the side of father of mother often do not correspond to its need for harmonious and healthy growth.  If father or mother behavior is in collision with child needs, the lungs are the first body organ that will feel the effects of such a situation. The breath will become insufficient. It will continue to be insufficient because traumatic experience with the parent will forever be remembered in body cells. These memories can be released by self-healing cognitive process known as Body Memory Healing.  Only this type o conscious action alone restores his/her original health of respiratory system and other organs involved. This is the precondition for final elimination of psoriasis.
Highly sensible organism has to be helped by change of alimentary habits and appropriate choice of food.

Loss of breath, then acute and later chronic inflammation of these structures remains unobserved by physicians. Dermatologist cannot provide more than “keeping under control'' and mitigate the effects of disease. There is no pharmaceutical drug that can resolve this complex problem and eliminate psoriasis as its symptom.
Compound conditionality of psoriasis phenomena requires an individualized therapy approach, and synergetic regeneration of all weakened organs and tissues, not only the skin and not only kidneys. Each person should be instructed how to execute this personalized self-healing task.