The State of Omnipresence

Mobilitas Originaria is the only method that makes this single body-mind-spirit condition of Omnipresence really objective. MOM state of unconditioned breath and movement activates the dimension of Universal Consciousness in each applicant to present its Will. Once acquired, State of Omnipresence enables self-perfection of the body-mind-spirit unity. In fact, similar instruction of instant and repeatable self-conduction to the state of self regeneration and perfect Action does not exist. The method leads the applicant to the highest possible spiritual experience. 
By attaining the MOM it becomes immediately noticeable that there is no gradual displacement in sense of climbing to upper grades of consciousness. The ’place’ where the Omnipresent one would like to arrive and the time one thinks is necessary for it to happen are in fact this one, actual and operating. If the applicant persists in the Omnipresence State the Universal Consciousness continues to manifest Gifts that are perceptive and acts as auto corrective, creative and realizing agent. It advances by overcoming all obstacles of the inferior speculative consciousness characterized by body and mind life experience memories, adverse to personal inborn abilities, health and personal progress.
People familiar with the Mobilitas Originaria Method, are able to achieve this Supreme state of Consciousness and Perfect action any moment they choose. The Method is transferable in the form of direct introductive explanation by the mentor-conductor and by autonomous practical experimenting. 
Each applicant can definitely realize in him the pre-existent Gift of Breath-Seed and Gift of Gesture-Movement-Seed. They are the first signs of Absolute Self awakened and Omni-Present Consciousness which direct the profound psycho-physical evolution of the applicant. 
The applicant in possession of initial Gifts is encouraged and helped to apply MOM as the perfect self healing tool, to achieve the development of artistic expression, sports abilities or other professional skills.
Those Gifts, initially acquired, lead to auto-induction of every other Gift immanent to this state of Consciousness: Gift of self-cure, Healing-Gift.  Gift of Word-Germ, Symbol-Germ, Gift of Perfect Sight, are also the abilities developed on the basis of Mobilitas Originaria Method (MOM). The only necessary precondition is the will to utilize the absolute mental freedom acquired. The state of Omnipresence can be actualized at any moment one chooses and leaves it to execute Perfect action. 
The State of Omnipresence is at the same time the mental and physical creative ‘Power’ capable of distinguishing various conditions of proper speculative consciousness, different from the ones of Origin.