The Mobilitas Originaria Method (MOM)

Basic Seminar

The initialization to primordial breath and movement - the state of Operating Whole Presence
Attendance to seminar is individual. Children attending the seminar need to be accompanied by a parent.
The MOM Seminar is presented exclusively by the mentor-conductor Boris Cyprýn. Seminar is conducted in English, Italian or Croatian.

Preliminary consultation
Each potential applicant has the opportunity to clarify his starting position and define personal goals before the first seminar session. Preliminary vitality and body, mind and spirit mnemonic content will be analyzed by mentor anddiscussed during this preliminary session. Importance of this consultation lies in the fact that seminar assistance is prevalently individual.

Session 1.
Theme: Explication of the MOM basic concepts, their relationship to the particular cognitions and past experiences of the attendant.
Concepts of Origin, Universal Consciousness, Universal Project of body, mind and spirit, Body’s unconditioned - non intentional Will, Whole Presence, Present and Awakened body.
Experimentation: Act of neglecting and abandon of speculative will. Acquiring Breath, Movement and Gesture of Origin.
Result: Repeatable capacity to enter into state of Whole Presence.
Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours app.

Session 2.
Theme: About three constitutive inborn principles of human being Origin:
Mother - feminine/Father - masculine/Son-Daughter – child principles, of which integrity depends on manifesting and expressive ability.
Experimentation: Daughter/Son in the state of primordial self-inducted Will is experimenting Real dimension of relation to constitutive principles of Mother/Father, with reference to non-Real dimension of biological mother and father.
Process: Manifestation and perception of psychic/mental/corporal contents in connection with the applicant’s acquired mnemonic constitution and experiences related to mother and father.
Result: Re-establishment of equilibrium by reactivation of Father/Mother/Child inborn primordial quality. Applicants understanding, from MOM prospective, of three-united psychophysical vitality fundamental components.
Duration: 2,5 hours app.

Session 3.
Theme: Awakening Universal Consciousness of the “Physiologic Body”. Body Mind and its activation of universally projected integrity. Cognitive reintegration in the state of original self-inducted auto regulative Will.
Experimentation: Choice of single organ resulting damaged or of insufficient functionality has to be done on the base of mentor’s analysis results or by participant own judgment.
MOM application on different organs and tissues by awakening of their inborn Knowledge about proper role and whole body integrity.
Result: Elimination of inhibition causes or non-Presence of particular body organ or tissue. Reactivation of the Integer Body vitality.
Duration: 2 hours app.

Session 4.
Theme: Sensorial experience of the peripheral nervous system and muscular tensions in the state of MOM Whole Presence.
Experimentation: Observing the process of neuromuscular tension releasing.
Result: Improvement of body movement coordination and reflex capability.
Duration: 1 hour app.

Session 5.
Theme: Intensification of M.O.M. praxis: Breath/Movement/Gesture of Origin in auto-coordination of the non-integer body.
Experimentation: Contact/Communication with ambient, objects and situations in M.O.M. state of whole Presence.
Result:  Experience of priority choices made by Universal Consciousness Will in relation to speculative will intentions to act.
Duration: 2 hours app.

Session 6.
Theme: MOM experimentation in relation to proper sentiments, frustrating “negative” concepts on the base of applicant judgment.
Experimentation: Self observation of sentiments (for example: feeling guilty, shame, aggressiveness, fright of failure, panic, phobia, sexual impotence, jealousy etc.).
Result: Auto-correction/self-transformation to one qualitatively different cognition of the proper I and acquisition of psychic stability.
Duration: 2 hours app.

Possible Facultative Sessions
Practical work on theme of applicant requirement and choice.

Seminar extensions for professionals
Deepening on specific interest when linked with acquisition of abilities in sport, arts or professional skills in other fields, MOM seminar program is adapted and conducted to meet applicant’s  requirements.