The Ethic-cognitive principles 

of The Mobilitas Originaria Method (MOM)

As the body is mind contemporary, it is the best interpreter of the proper memory contents. The way in which it communicates them is multi-dimensional. What the body really needs cannot be found outside of it. Body material-physical so equally its mental-psychic dimension is characterized by contemporary subsistence of two type of memories: inborn Project memory of healthy mind and body and acquired memories of life experiences. The acquired memories are in opposition to Inborn Project Memory, oppressing it and causing genesis of all possible illnesses and disturbs.
Intellective comprehension and cognition are not sufficient to effectuate progress on all plans of human being. Person makes progress to achieve its projected integrity in all its dimensions (mind, psyche and body) only when it’s Original (inborn) body Will is activated by the mean of unconditioned Breath and Movement.
This Original Will (in Cyprýn Method synonym – AllMind) is the mover of the personal evolution process. Progress is manifested through experimentation of Inborn Gifts of Wholly Presence as Breath-seed and Movement-seed.
In MOM practical teaching Unconditioned Active Holly Mind Will has the absolute advantage and privilege to be manifested. In these condition the Body behaves as a Unity of Perfect Intelligence which directs all phases of the proper evolution process, confirming proper dignity and autonomy. The cognition and experience of such autonomous self-activation of the inborn capacities imposes unavoidably the priority of each individual on the right to self-perfection and right to Self-education.
Thus, the phenomenology of integrity and questions connected to psychophysical
health are reentering into domain of personal responsibility of each individual,
confirming its right to self-cure, self-perfection,   comprehension to proper
personality and creation of new relation to  neighboring world.
The originality and uniqueness of the MOM approach to the research of proper universal roots, scope of existence, relating to health, happiness and success of each individual, is based upon the respect, integrity and uniqueness of each person, so as on the consciousness of interactive unity with all other forms of existence.