Practical aspects and results


Motifs for acquiring and applying MOM
and practical results achieved by applicants:

• Optimize physical excellence, psychic stability and mental brilliance.
• Poses insight and cognitive ability that surpass any intuitive level.
• Regenerate proper person to reach the state of naturally projected health and vitality.
• Reduce progressively personal biological age respect chronological one.
• Self-heal any type of disease or disturbance in the perfect natural manner avoiding use of aggressive medical treatment and drug use.
• Prevent mental and physical pollution and injuries. 
• Achieve efficiency and creativity resolving existential problems or personal crisis.
• Transform reflex into knowledge of the imminent future.
• Reach the excellent psychophysical readiness; coordination, control of movement-space-time to anticipate response to forth coming events.
• Developing talents and motivation for advanced interests, independent work, skills.
• Open inborn source to develop talents and abilities in arts, sport and science.
• Improve expression and interpretation of voice, instrument, composition, dance, acting, public appearance purposes etc.
• Developing of new concepts and problem solving abilities.
• Manifest exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills.
• Demonstrating high degree of social responsibility and unifying reasoning.
• Satisfy personal cognitive and cultural requirements.
• Communicate and create harmony of the ambient and ethic order of one’s surroundings.
• Solve relational and behavioural problems.
• Control causes of stress in order to live a more relaxed and satisfied life.