To Origins of Applied Metaphysics

M.O.M. moves metaphysics from dominion of philosophic speculation and brings it to its Gnostic-empiric origin. This revelation and operative aspect, Mrs.  Buljan has sublimated in the term - Experimental and Applicative Metaphysics - (Experimentelle und Angewandte Metaphysik). She defined it as the science which in proper methodology and practice respects the category of Universal Consciousness as the connatural constituent of each person, recognizing its right of manifestation priority. The Universal Consciousness is defined as the essence of the perfect human being Project memory. It is the mental essence of each species and matter of nature. Project, Universal consciousness is the procreating and regenerating coagulant of each substance and material of the nature. As a constitutive substance of each person, Universal Consciousness (called AllMind or Wholly Mind) conserves the whole Universe wisdom and accumulates spiritual or empiric memories of each individual. Recognition of the integrity of all forms of existence as a part of proper existence is the fundamental factor for the conservation or regeneration of personal integrity (health, wellness and joy). This cognition in the Mobilitas Originaria Method reached its higher level.  Experimental and applied metaphysics is a concrete science, presenting itself as the result of its own Gnostic theory. It recognizes the priority right to realization and manifestation of Inborn Constitutive Gifts, representing Universal Consciousness or Total Presence Operating as: Breath-Germ, Movement-Germ, Gesture-Germ, Word-Germ, Symbol-Germ, Gift of self-cure, Gift of Perfect Sight. These Gifts are the vehicle by which the person in the State of Wholly Presence is directing her own transformation of the psychophysical, and ambient as her integral part.