Acquaintance with personal body health profile is important for success of each therapy effort, control as well as for prevention. Anyway, you can double-check Cyprýn Analysis with other sophisticated diagnosis techniques or compare it with your own experience and symptoms you feel. If you have not any particular health problem and you wish to take control of the state of your health, you are welcome to apply too.

Analyst identification with client
The art or discipline of identification is equally efficient in case of an applicant’s physical presence as well as in case the analyst has to work on some of the applicant’s identity evidences. Photo or Skype snapshot are preferred, but e-mail text, drawing, voice record, manuscript or any other scanned text are also valid sources for bio-sensorial health analysis elaboration. The identification start point is the fact that all humans have the same Universal Body Project maintained by AllMind dimension. During the analyst’s state of identification, the applicant’s individual differences, such as physical imperfections, defects, and lack of vitality and functioning of any tissue can be easily identified and quantified as aberrations from the Project. The analysis also detects types and level of mental and environmental pollution involved.

Analysis themes Analysis elaborates:
- the actual state of vitality/functioning of more than the fifty body organs, tissues and liquids,
- behavioural background of disturb or a disease genesis – memories accessible to personal remembrance,
- body memories that are not accessible to personal remembrance,
- presence of direct environmental source or pathogen influences.

The First Causes Analysis for elaboration of Therapy Instructions The analysis of the mnemonic traumatic content of the organ structure defines which memories are obstructing functioning of organs or tissues found as exhausted or ill. These elements are later used in the Therapy Instructions. Presence of ’Disease Agents' known by medical science as virus, bacteria, immunity or metabolic problems, are mainly consequences of the causes below quoted. Memory causes can be acquired in any sequence from the person’s past. It is important to repeat that body does not forget them. They are still active at the moment of analysis.
Body structures have the capacity to feel and memorize influences and traumas as follows:
- Experiences brought by spirit from its previous material existence,
- Memories inherited from parents,
- Memories of the foetus experience,
- Memories of parents/neighbours’ behavioural influence,
- Custom concepts,
- Person’s habits,
- Social surroundings,
- Personal cognition, point of view, behaviour, decisions and acts,
- Memories of food integrity and nutrition habits,
- Aggressive environmental elements (material and geo-pathogen radiation),
- Memories created by drugs and other non-integral substances in the organism.

Analysis Report E-mail analysis report describes all important findings. The comment gives comprehensive insight, explaining the relation of symptoms with the initial body memory causes of the actual health problem. In case of brief description of health problem(s), anamnesis or the medical diagnosis attached to analysis request, report will give comment or explanation about physiologic genesis of metabolic dysfunctions, disturbance or disease in question together with memory causes of illnesses.