Result control

After the first three Therapy Instruction procedure items have been fully implemented, the applicant should give notice of it. The second bio-sensorial analysis will be performed to check the level of purification achieved. The applicant’s observations and eventual questions will be answered. Any imperfections in the Therapy Instructions will be clarified. These step is necessary, in order to ensure applicant’s personal progress and confidence about his own effort and improvement of health. At any given moment, after Therapy Instructions are implemented, if an applicant feels it necessary to consult me, he is welcome to do so.

Sometimes, some body organs can show that purification has not been fully achieved. The same can happen with some behavioural elements.
The final control analysis is undertaken after Procedure 4, in order to check body-mind-spirit Project integrity.
Cyprýn Method therapy results are visible seven days after the method application. The quality of blood, bone density, lever function, blood pressure, heart rhythm, pulmonary capacity, shows significant changes and improvement only seven days after method application. Laboratory test shows life cancer cell disappearance seven days after the method application.                                                    

Additional Therapy Instructions                                                                                   
The additional corrective instructions should be elaborated and sent if deemed necessary, to complete the process. They are an important support to each individual effort to become independent on the base of knowledge acquired by Cyprýn Method.
It is possible that contact and consultations should continue until all details regarding environmental and social circumstances should be resolved and a new life style adopted. Continuous progress, consultations availability will convince you in your own self healing ability and results.  Newly acquired knowledge as well as changed habits will guaranty successful health maintenance. Contact and consultations may continue further due to the complexity of client’s health.