Method Basics         

Independent therapeutic practice and research conducted since 1986, confirmed the truth of body memory phenomenon and results presented here.

Universal Project Memory
The nature endowed the body with its harmony, its beauty and its own perfection.  The body of each person, during its entire life, contains basic life memory of wholeness, unity, and perfect health. This memory we call Project Memory of health.
The truth is that sensorial body experiences should not be perceptible if some basic memory of health is not present. This basic memory we call the Universal Project of human being, of its wholeness, health and perfect body functions. All materially existing in nature, as well as human being, is based on its own Universal Project. The Project Memory conserves the shape of each species, its functioning and adaptability to the changing conditions on the planet.
The sensation of physic or psychic disturb or body pain (as described in Body Mind chapter) is a sign that our body, so as our speculative mind, is alienated from its original Universal Mind Will. The human Project Memory is the inborn knowledge and each person can have empirical evidence of its existence and proper body rebirth.  But the Universal Project is not sufficient body property to generate any feeling.

Universal Consciousness
Numerous are evidences that the body is the mind. The body memory phenomenon is based on the ever and everywhere present Universal Consciousness (AllMind).  AllMind is the mover of feeling and in the same time originator of every real and complete health restoration. It gives a warning sign on the aberration of Universal Project integrity of each person.
Acquired memory 
Influences that oppresses the Project memory in one’s body makes a person unique and different one from another.  Each person faces different conditions determining his/her conception, growth, and life experiences opposite to health. That what marks its personality, character, behaviour and acting, mostly is not in harmony with the inborn Project Memory of the body/mind perfection.
Body feels and memorizes the disharmony and each deviation from the Project Memory of health naturally gifted. The body registers those memories, opposed to AllMind Will, wholeness or vitality that diminishes body and mind functioning.
Those memories we call the acquired memories.  One may or may not remember all past events and experiences, but memory of psychical or physical trauma once experienced, remain memorized in one’s body. Acquired memories are acting silently, causing all possible forms of dysfunctions, including the degenerative diseases. The analytic recognition of personal body mnemonic substance is a key element of health restoration.

The solution lies in an analysis and release of the memories acquired. At the moment the acquired memories become recognized (see Analysis) and eliminated (see Therapy instructions), the illness looses the mnemonic basis of its existence and consequently dissolves. Material waste of the illness gets absorbed by renewed body metabolism and eliminated. As the mover of this process, AllMind brings the body back to its Project value, genuine healthy state and full function. Once liberated, the body regenerates itself with unimaginable rapidity.
In the case on organ material substance is removed from the body AllMind continuously acts in order to recreate it.  It acts to recreate Project harmony between this missing and the surrounding body parts. But this intention is blocked by our ignorance. Lack of respect of organ mind persisting presence on the place of extracted organ, provokes consumption of body energy from the nearest tissues and debilitates the part or whole organism.
Cyprýn Method analysis distinguishes these individual initial causes, including them in a comprehensive and simple self-healing procedure. By following personalized therapy instructions applicant liberates genuine body Mind Will, here called AllMind (Universal Consciousness). This genuine mind dimension of the body, existing in each individual, once released and activated, offers immediate sensations, signs of change and body regeneration. This is the only purposeful way of healing your nature has been longing for. There is no illness which can resist this self-healing method. It also gives you security in future health-preservation.
The truth is that nobody has educated people on how to eavesdrop, respect and use this perfect natural Will and authentic body knowledge.
The aim of Cyprýn Method is to bring back alienated knowledge of one’s own health source and to enable him to act independently, to move on with the self-healing process. The satisfaction and the certainty in proper, newly-acquired ability to restore health, as well as self-confidence are the targeted results.
Make a first step. Describe your problem and ask for analysis.
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