Health Maintenance and Consultations   

Body tissue functioning and health depend on responsible behaviour of the applicant alone.  Once a client becomes aware of his own emotional and environmental memory burden, he has to build up self-control as  to prevent activation of addictions that have been active in the past. An applicant is now able to recognize new situations similar to those from his past where he reacted against his own integrity. He also recognizes the environmental influences and dangers. He has to purify them by executing memory cleaning application in food or of the influences present at home, at working place or those of social environment. The possibility of new pollution is reduced and the newly acquired integrity has the necessary time to grow stronger. An applicant is given the opportunity to observe his own behaviour and new impressions of his physical and social surroundings. The applicant can develop his promptness for to accept unexpected situations, prevent stress effects and memory pollution of his mind and body.

Fifteen days after the additional Therapy Instructions have been applied, a new contact is recommended. It may even be the case that some part of the analysis has to be renewed. The consultations can be used to develop an independent ability to manage new life situations.
Further personal or professional perfection of specific abilities on mental or physical plan requires adoption of Mobilitas Originaria Method.

Medical Control of Self-Healing Results                                                                                             
If an applicant suffered previously of any acute, chronic or degenerative disease (cancer or similar), it would be appropriate for him to repeat the same type of medical check up. In the case of degenerative and tumour diseases Cyprýn Method treatment can show significant changes within a thirty day period.
Lasting quality of health restoration depends upon constant observation of health principles as explained in the Therapy Instructions.  I suggest to print and conserve them.

It is not allowed to combine medication with Cyprýn Method. This Method is not complementary with conventional medicine.  Synthetic drugs are of a very low integrity as they, in their chemical composition, are far from their natural raw material state. Organism cleaned up by Therapy Instruction treatment is particularly vulnerable to drug consumption. For the organism, where cleaned, a drug is extremely strong toxic agent that can provoke shock and new unexpected disorders. I have no right to interfere in your physician's decisions, suggestions and medication. If you want to adhere to my Therapy Instructions, but think you are drug-dependent, there is a specific procedure to apply.   Specific advices than has to be followed, as described in the Therapy Instructions.