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What sort of problems is appropriate for Cyprýn Method?  

 Any form of physical disease or psychological distress is resolvable by Cyprýn Method therapy. If you are seriously considering self-healing therapy, your problems are appropriate for profound cause analysis and personalized help. Acute, chronic or degenerative diseases (like cancer and others) can be resolved if not in terminal phase of organ decomposition. The success is conditioned by personal will to follow therapy instructions and apply new habits. The fact is that the great deal of physical diseases has their psychical (emotional) background (so-called psychosomatic genesis of disease). Other diseases have been induced by hereditary, physical or social influence. The causes are frequently multiple or combined. Cyprýn Method brings them to solution simultaneously, by body memory cleaning and mind memory reflection.


The body memory, is something new? I have never heard of it.

Current scientific research defines the body as a communication system capable of receiving, storing and transmitting information of one's experiences. The concept of body memory explained and used by Cyprýn Method is authentic, based on independent research, concrete therapeutic experience and results based on the body ability to memorize.


What is body memory?   

Cyprýn Method distinguishes two types of body memory: 

The Basic, the innate Project Memory of perfect health preserves integrity and functions of each body tissue, organ and body liquid. Project memory maintains active supportive role of each body part to ensure the entire body and mind unity. 

The acquired memories are records of all past experiences adverse to inborn vitality constitution, adverse to Project Memory of perfect health. As newly acquired, those memories are unknown to Project body dimension. They do not approve the Project. So, body and mind dimension are forced to memorize them.  Accumulated as the time passes, the acquired memories oppress the Project and consequently diminish body and mind vitality. They are the primary cause of any possible disorder or disease.  We can say that the acquired memory is stress accumulated in our body.


Do you approve a concept of body memory development?  

We agree with biophysics, considering body as advanced communication system. As a ‘living matrix' - body is capable of storing the information from a lifetime of experiences. But as the communication system, body and mind are at the same time the inseparable part of Universal Consciousness. Mnemonic capability of the body is not only advanced, it is absolute.  So, we cannot approve the concept of ‘developing' if referred to memory capability.


Does the body feels?  

The ability to memorize is the body first prerequisite. Human body is of absolute intelligence! It feels independent of our speculative mind control. Its intelligence is based on the respect of genuine mother-child-father Trinity principles: equality, unity and unconditioned love. Mental concepts, thoughts, action and feelings confirming these principles invigorate and fortify body and mind dimensions. Lack of comprehension of  mind – body – environment harmonious unity, causes sadness, fear, insecurity, aggression, abandonment, oppression, delusion etc.


How and what does the body memorize? 

During the whole lifetime, body tissues and organs memorize influences and accumulate traumas.  Acquired memory creates tension that adversely affects the function of every system in the body. It has been discovered that all acute or chronic, recurrent symptoms a person commonly experiences are caused by acquired memories.
The body, in the same way as human mind, memorizes in the following order:
- experiences of spirit before conception,
- memories inherited by parents,
- memories accumulated by foetus in mother’s womb,
- food,
- those generated by mother, father and relatives after birth,
- social customs.
- personal way of thinking, choices, decisions, behaviour , habits, manners, actions,
- as well as those caused by physical environment.


What is AllMind?

AllMind or Universal Consciousness is the ultimate mind substance of origin, permeating each part of human body as well as the nature surrounding us. Into our body and into our mind, it incorporates the principles of unconditioned love, unity, wholeness and rightness. AllMind is to be comprehended as the creator of all organic and inorganic forms and as moderator of their harmonic subsistence. The proofs of AllMind existence are innumerable. The experiment with water, while frozen, shows the crystal form of perfect design when treated with thoughts or words of love or harmonious music.  The crystal form is chaotic when treated with hate or disrespect, amorphous in case of pollution.  Plants, when treated with love grow better and are more vigorous. AllMind is the creator of Universal Project memory of every matter, object, or life form as an integral part of the nature. The existence of AllMind creative power is directly and effectively demonstrable during and after Cyprýn Method self-healing instructions application.


How does the Universal Project manifest its existence?  

Human body Project Memory is present even if the part of a body is missing. A missing part of the body, removed by operation or lost in an accident, is still felt as present by its owner. How could otherwise, an invalid person feel pain in a leg which he has lost? The Mind Project component of the lost body part remains in it's position in the body. This inborn Project memory without body aspires to recreate the missing body part. Disrespect of its existence weakens the neighbouring tissues and organs. Each component of one disintegrated matter from the nature continues to remember its primordial composition. Each part of disintegrated matter has the inner Will to return back into its genuine composition of the whole and natural. That is why the particles or substances extracted from the natural/integral became aggressive.  Chemical elements extracted from the nature become active in chemical processes tending to achieve the original/natural integrity. That for we have to return to the understanding and the respect for nature in our search for health.


What are consequences of food Universal Project disrespect? 

Human body is created to recognize and metabolize natural food. It does not recognize different chemical food additives present in industrial food products like colours, emulsifiers, flavourings, gelling agents, preserving agents, sweeteners, anti-caking agents, antioxidants, hormones, synthetic vitamins etc. Non-integral food cannot offer the body expected or necessary support. Non-integral food elements, aspiring to regenerate their own integrity according to their natural Project, are bound to human body structures taking away energy from  it and diminishing its vitality. One of the results we find in statistics is enormous increase of colon cancer cases. That is why industrial or genetically modified food leads to degeneration of the body and its reproductive functions. Hence, the use of industrial drugs has destructive consequences on the body.


The wholeness of food, is it so important?

Only natural food is fully accepted by human organism. Various additives like: emulsifiers, flavourings, gelling agents, preserving agents, sweeteners, anti-caking agents, antioxidants, hormones, synthetic vitamins the body does not recognize as natural food ingredients.


How an experience which happened years ago can be still held as memory in my body?  

The human body never forgets.  Lifetime experiences we find conserved like layers of acquired memories.  Memorizing is a continuous process which starts even before conception of an individual's body in mother's womb. After conception, innumerable new information is stacked in body organs and tissues mnemonic space. Memorizing is process that continues during the entire lifetime with the equal accuracy. 


How do I know, I have stored memories in my body?  

The right question is: do you feel any disorder on physical or emotional level, chronic fatigue or you have any disease diagnosed? If so, you have body memories opposed to the Project of health.  Analysis will give you answer on how they affects your look, move, thinking, acting and feelings.

Why, at least, does the body memorize?

Living is the way, body and mind learns how to survive by adapting their functions. Summarized, memories of all individuals bring changes to the Project of humankind. Thus modified, Project enables the next generation to adapt to changing environmental conditions and to be able to continue survival.


How does body memory affect body functions?

Body response to acquired memories depends on the type of body or mind stress memory causes. The longer the acquired memory persists; the possibility to cause body degeneration is bigger. Stored memory can cause acute inflammatory state with first increased, than decreased cell metabolism and organ or tissue functioning. Chronic state can then develop into degenerative form or malformation. Subsequently, other dysfunctions can occur with time.


How does body memory reflect on emotional state or psychical condition?  

Physical influences lead to functional changes in the body and brain matter. Consequently, they provoke emotional problems. Equally, emotional stress memorized in an organism, creates physical problems and diseases. 


Can we consider acquired memory as a bad or a good one?

There are neither bad nor good memories if we apply non-subjective concept of personal development. Basically, all experiences that we acquire during our lifetime are necessary for our personal development. All acquired memories affecting our body, stimulate our mental, and enrich our spiritual dimension. Finally, we can logically conclude that a person’s spirit is attracted to more or less risky challenges and new experiences, sometimes unavoidable.


What is the ability enabling you to elaborate the analysis?

Nervous sensibility developed during three decades of independent research and therapy practice enabled me to elaborate analytic tool for all important elements on which Cyprýn Method holistic self-healing counselling and therapy is based. Neither intuition nor clairvoyance is in question. The analytic ability is the result of empiric findings, bio-sensorial capability, developed by time.  Method development is the result of synthesis and continuous upgrading process. Read more about analysis under item Analysis


What is memory releasing, cleansing or purification?  

Memory releasing process removes emotional destructive stress element from acquired memories. If those memories are accessible to consciousness, one will not lose them like experience recorded, but will liberate them of destructive influence on his mind and body.


What is the procedure for acquired memory releasing?  

As Cyprýn Method distinguishes two kinds of acquired memories, there are two different procedural approaches to their cleaning:  Evolution Reflection procedure cleans acquired memories accessible to remembrance, liberates memory of emotional destructive influence, thus enabling the applicant to accept the purified experience as a pure fact without emotional charge.  Dialog with AllMind dimension is a kind of conditioned cleaning of memories not accessible to one’s consciousness. The way of dialogue conduction is described in detail in personalized Therapy Instructions. Read more about this and other items under Therapy


Can I clean body memory by myself?  

The outstanding advantage of Cyprýn Method is that you can apply it on your own. Analysis gives you general information about memories accessible and those not accessible to your consciousness while Therapy instructions offer you guidelines, describing cleaning/purification procedure of each type of memory found adverse to your integrity. Read more about under item Therapy.


What are the effects of memory release? 

The releasing effect is immediate. It involves body and mental–psychic reactions and sensations.  In general, it offers relaxation, refreshment and invigorating effect on body and psyche. Repeated analysis shows that most of body organ and tissue regeneration has been successful. Only some most damaged tissues may remain partially cleaned. Therefore, the second analysis can draw your attention to complete the procedure by searching for the facts previously not recognized as the part of some therapy theme.


Who is the healer? 

Universal Consciousness or AllMind is a mover or catalyst in self-healing process. AllMind is really the only effective healer capable of restoring health and regenerating the body. During disease progress, AllMind was waiting and stimulating the person’s speculative mind to recognize intolerable health conditions, asking him to change the same. Once recognized, AllMind is ready to participate in the cleaning process, de-activating all body acquired memories which brought the body or mind into the actual state of decreased vitality or illness.  You are the executor of the AllMind Will.


How does the self-healing work?  

The Basic innate Project Memory oppressed during lifetime can be liberated if you clean it of acquired impurities. It is the only honest, reliable and finally radical and effective way to regain your health. The knowledge offered by Therapy Instructions and your intuitive ability to explore the mnemonic content of your body and mind will allow you to complete this process successfully and maintain your health in future. Self awareness, acceptance and conscious gratitude for enriching past experience as newly acquired wisdom is the way to trauma resolution. It opens an onset to healthy and creative living. Regeneration is an autonomous body process. It occurs naturally and automatically after a memory trauma release.


Is it possible to combine medication with Cyprýn Method?  

Only Evolution Reflection® procedure that cleans the acquired memories accessible to remembrance can be applied along with medical treatment. The other Cyprýn Method procedures are not complementary to conventional medicine treatment. The reason for such restriction lies in the fact that once purified of all acquired memories, body would become vulnerable to drug treatment like body of a newborn child.
Drug substances are incomplete parts extracted from nature.  Pharmaceutical remedy acts as an additional aggressive impurity obstructing the natural regeneration capability of the body. Each medication in this case can provoke an overdose effect with additional pollution consequences. Evolutionary Reflection® is acting on conceptual level, revising personal point of view and acting, significance of all past experience. This procedure has evolutionary role, restoring body functionality and health. It induces new behaviour that conserves health results obtained.


Can Cypryn Method be considered as alternative to medicine treatment?

We cannot call it alternative because it can’t be comparable with medicine treatment. It is much more than alternative. This method is totally different compared to medicine, because its reach is not only to heal but to restore health. When accepted as independent and, at the same time, holistic way of self-healing, it becomes a part of integral regeneration process involving body and mind functions so as spirit dimension.


Do I need any kind of additional therapy?

Repeated analysis can show that some heavily obstructed tissues remain partially unclean after you execute all therapy procedures. These tissues or organs still do not recognize their role of support and their belonging to body-mind-spirit wholeness. They are not fully aware of the fact that the health of the body depends on their participation in maintaining integrity of being, though their vitality and functioning is significantly improved. Alienation is to be resolved. This final body-mind-spirit unifying therapy is effectuated by the author of the method. Anyway, this distant therapy application is a regular and a final part of the therapy complex.


How does the applicant feel after Cyprýn Method treatment?  

The sensations vary in their type. To feel them immediately during your self-healing work it is necessary to relax your body and your breathing, attending possible sensations in your body and mind. 


Is there any recidivism possible?

Experience warns that memories acquired by father or by mother, even completely released after the first application, can reappear. That occurs if personal history is loaded by parents misunderstanding or declining to perform their parent role or by their particular will that acted against child integrity during  mother’s pregnancy, childhood, or later. Father and mother are key constitutive principles of a person’s integrity. Control analysis indicates eventual necessity for the applicant to repeat those particular revision therapy themes more frequently until the newly acquired consciousness and understanding can result in the new body and psychic stability. Eventual errors in the client’s behaviour or non-respect of food sector instructions can also provoke subsequent memory pollution. For that reason, additional therapy instructions or consultations would be necessary until full implementation of new discipline.


What is the effectiveness in case of viral, bacterial diseases and immunodeficiency?  

Memory releasing/cleaning procedure liberates body of viral and bacterial pollution of any kind. Regenerated Project Memory makes body more resistant. Prevention has to be combined with food selection and acquisition of new alimentary habits in case of immunodeficiency.


How do I know that the self-healing and regeneration process is finished?  

Final absence of disturb or disease symptoms is the first signs of your regeneration. Stable increase of body energy or change of your humour follows. Repeated Cyprýn analysis or clinical checkups, when you consider them necessary, can confirm regular healthy body functioning. Your readiness to recognize future life-traps and face new challenges will give you proof of your cognitive change and development.


For how long does the contact with you last? 

Cyprýn Method basic procedure is programmed to be completed within the period of 20 days. It can be extended in case of degenerative and cancer cases to 40-day period in order to guarantee success which can be clinically controlled. Contact with a client continues until he aspires to enrich his own ability and art of observing and reflecting on proper ways of thinking, reacting, acting and relating to various life situations in order to avoid or prevent any kind of physical or mental stress. 


How to maintain the self-healing results lasting?  

The entire process, from analysis, therapy instructions and control analysis, newly acquired cognitions and independence in self–healing ability, changes your state of health and behavioural profile making it lasting. There is no ‘mental programming’ to ensure your health. Consequently, there is no ‘memory transformation’. Universal Project and AllMind dimension are basic instruments you learned to observe and follow. It is suggested to print and conserve Analysis rapport so as the basic or additional Therapy Instructions for future consultations.

What is the role of counselling assistance?

To ensure constant progress, to overcome the influence of eventual difficult life situation, the possibility of counselling is always at your disposal. New awareness of your own personality can open new questions in different life situations. So, there is the possibility for you to clear up proper position as to preserve your own moral, psychic and physical integrity. Your aspiration has changed from the effort to survive to ability to create proper, successful future. That is the reason why I suggest you to consult information about Mobilitas Originaria Method (MOM). It represents an excellent and a leading scientific achievement in the field of cognitive growth and self perfection on personal and social plan.

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