Food and nutrition habits


The important part of the Therapy Instructions is the food supply control, choice, selection, maintenance and nutrition habits correction. This part of therapy instructions is partially personalized. You will also learn how to 'heal' your meal and give back your food its natural integrity and wholeness. The Skype or the phone link is necessary in actual food and water quality control. This analysis has to be undertaken at the very beginning of Method application.

Food Memories  

Highly processed food products have an enormous negative influence on human health. The intensive cultivation causes changes of genuine quality of food products. The intention to produce more, faster and of larger volume and weight imply reduction of food integrity. Industrial food products, genetically modified and cloned products, as well as various additives, human body does not recognize as natural ones. Their waste remain deposited in connective tissue, fat and other type of body tissues and organs. There they are causing disorders such as inflammation, sluggish and reduced metabolism, expanded cell volume, increased growth, weight and fertility problems, and lethal diseases. The genetically modified or cloned, food becomes extremely dangerous.  Its genuine quality has not only been reduced but unnaturally changed. A food, during its 'life' acquires memories adverse to its naturally projected quality. Those memories should be acquired during plant cultivation or animal raising.   The production process, preservation, packaging technics and the storage are causing decrease of food natural integrity. It is important to understand that food always retains memory of its genuine Project quality, though its nutritive quality is reduced due to presence of acquired memories. Such food became aggressive. It does not feed the body but reduces its vitality.
Awareness of these facts is the starting point for nutrition advice aimed to guarantee necessary support in the regeneration process.  
- list of food preferences,
- procedure of food memory cleaning,
- dietary habits,
- food preservation.
The cook's health is equally important for the consumer. Cook's health is of a great influence on food quality. The food is a passive element in meal preparation. It acquires all memories from cook's mind and body that are adverse to Project Memory of his health. Cyprýn Analysis can find out basic parameters of a cook's health. In case your cook is not in good health, I suggest that you prepare your meals yourself.