Cognition and Health


The application of therapy instructions will give you a proof of the body mind character. The experience of body memory cleaning therapy will give you a proof of memory ballast accumulated during your life. You will become a testimony of your own healing ability as well as of your own regeneration and return to health. Therapy Instructions will give you practical knowledge to regulate your alimentary habits, control and correct the food quality, dominate ambient influences and to avoid behaviour mistakes. Your newly-acquired knowledge on the own sensibility and self-healing potentials give you necessary tools to face future life challenges. 

New Habits

Acquired knowledge that brought about desirable results has to be respected and preventively used in all circumstances. Return to old habits must be prevented. Cognitions adopted have to become part of your new life style, new culture, new responsibility towards a proper person and the world. The behaviour depends strictly on the will of the applicant. Persistence and constant striving to apply accepted principles of unity will liberate the applicant of a sense of guilt or victim. The state of depression and fear will be corrected. The new sense of life and joy will emerge.                                            

Body Movement

Health problems are often connected to insufficient body movement. Breathing and movement are the basic body functions. Body and mental functions depend on them. The movement influences directly on gas exchange in the respiratory system as well as on pulmonary capacity. Lack of movement induces muscular and connective tissue atrophy.  It causes depression on the mental level.  Walk and play enjoying nature and open spaces.

Independence – Security

The living proof one can gain of the Cyprýn Method therapy efficiency offers new trust and confidence in the discovered union of proper I and AllMind in a proper body. Regeneration changes on your way to health give a new sense of personal dignity and independence. Awareness and responsibility in maintaining harmony between AllMind principles and particular will, avoids unnecessary pain and suffering caused by lack of this knowledge.