Differences in approach to health

Conventional Medicine

Cyprýn Method
holistic approach

Knowledge about health

Specialized, alienated, to patient inaccessible knowledge, considering body by it parts and its function. Upheld in case of illness by use of drugs and other substances extracted from nature and unrecognizable by the body. An active and Inborn knowledge and self-healing Power. Based on the fact of body mental properties and capability to distinguish, feel and memorize all opposed to their integrity or Universal Project of health.


Mechanical concept - the sum of component parts. Communicating indivisible unity of body - mind - spirit, constantly affecting each other.


Dysfunction of body part; metabolic, organ or tissue dysfunction that has to be relieved by use of drug, eliminated or substituted. State of broken harmony caused by memories of accumulated experiences opposed to Universal Project of health.


The unpleasant sensation or symptom that has to be eliminated. Result of acute or chronic situation. The first cause remain unexplained and intact. Inborn body intelligence urging personal research of body memories – the first cause of pain, urging for causes recognition and mental elimination.

Activity Area

The body, its physical structure and metabolic functions. Psyche or brain. Body and mind memory content determining actual vitality and health.

Diagnosis - Analyse

Physical or chemical parameters of body function. Name of disease definition as the basis of future medical treatment. The first causes of disease analysis. Memories accessible or inaccessible to remembrance, memories from physical ambient and others.


Preventive medication and disease control up to the moment of unavoidable heavy drug or radical intervention. Based on analysis result, development of personal cognition and preventive application of the therapy instructions for to eliminate destructive body or mind memories acquired in the past.


Drug prescription to eliminate the acute state. Whole life medication in case of chronic illness as to maintain or to extend the life of ill person. Self-healing Instructions to achieve total regeneration on the base of cell memory cleaning of the first cause of illness.


Vitality reduced. Organic insufficiency or Invalidity... Self-conscious person aware of own body, possessing knowledge and ability for self-healing.

Health management

Chronic diseases and whole life drug dependency, diet and prohibitions. Educated and independent maintaining of restored health. New behaviour and healthy nutrition habits.


Fear, discomfort, pain, suspense, caused by ignorance about the first causes of illness. Dependency caused by alienated mechanism of medical profession. Rapid regeneration changes in organism. Body vitality growth. Confidence in acquired knowledge on proper health management.


Bio-sensorial Cyprýn Analysis elaborates state of vitality, functionality and eventual presence of various types of viral, bacterial or other degenerative characteristics in over fifty organ, tissue and body liquids. The Cyprýn analysis does not operate with medical vocabulary and there is no collision in state of health interpretation. We recommend all applicants of the Cyprýn Method to repeat the same medical analysis they made before commencing the method as to obtain reliable clinical comparative proof of methods efficiency. Cyprýn Method excludes contemporary use of medical drugs as a parallel treatment. The Method can be also used as particularly efficient means in rehabilitation of organism after body injury or after surgical intervention.